Green 21 Lawn Care services include all lawn and ornamental issues. We pride ourselves in performing applications which far exceed the industry standard.

Soil Analysis

There are two types of soil tests in which one or both may or may not be necessary based on symptoms.

  • pH – This will determine the alkalinity or acidity of the soil. This test is free of charge if deemed necessary.
  • Complete Soil Analysis – If we notice symptoms of certain advanced forms of nutrient deficiency or encounter any issue which is not resolved with recommended fixes we will order a full soil analysis with your authorization. This is an in-depth evaluation of your soil make up which tests for the availability of key major micro nutrients and based on the results we will apply all recommended nutrients at the prescribed doses.


Landscape is treated with balanced fertilizers to promote healthy growth, color and over all vigor.  We take the opportunity given to us by our customers to deliver results VERY seriously. We DO NOT offer one sizes fits all programs. Applications are customized for each property. Also, modifications can be made at each visit depending on lawn care need. This is based on the turf/plant type, time of year, current conditions on the ground and most importantly what was done on the prior visit. (This is also a very important key feature that we offer.  Detailed documentation of techniques and material applied. You will have the same expert each visit which will be familiar with your particular lawn needs.) There can be various issues that stem from different types of nutrient deficiencies. Each has to be addressed with the proper balance of nutrients at the correct intervals in order to correct issues and keep the landscape healthy. We are guaranteed to be well-qualified at identifying and addressing any of these issues.

Insect Control

Insect control is super important! We do not just “mug a bug” like a lot of competitors in our area.  We “slug a bug”.  We do not deal with your average insect repellent chemicals or devices.  Our products are proven to eradicate the target whether it be a cinch bug, mole cricket, aphids, scale or any insect taking part in destroying your lawn.  We closely inspect your lawn and ornaments that might host pests not only treat the area but also take preventive measures using systematic products to stop it from re occurring.  Our lawns must be the BEST!

Weed Control

We apply pre-emergent controls to suppress weed growth as there are different types of weeds which can germinate during different seasons. We thoroughly inspect for and treat all controllable weeks in each visit if it is present.

Disease Control

Lawn and shrubs are susceptible to different types of fungus activity, mostly dependent on on the different type of turf/plant, time of year and possibly pest issues. We apply systemic disease control as with our insect control applications to ensure long lasting defense against the targeted disease on a control or preventative basis.

Irrigation Inspection

In order to maximize the performance of any material applied to a landscape proper irrigation is required. We fully inspect the irrigation system for any landscape we decide to work on at no charge (2 hours max.) prior to applying any product…THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE WORK OF ANY FORM ON YOUR IRRIGATION SYSTEM HOWEVER WE WILL FULLY BRIEF YOU ON ALL RECOMMENDATIONS AND PROVIDE A DETAIL ESTIMATE SHOULD IT BE NECESSARY.

Organic Applications

Our product applications do not consist of the utilization of any dangerous chemicals.  However, we do understand some consumers may feel safer using products which are 100% organic. These products may perform their duties at a slower pace but will never the less provide the same results as non-organic products. They are generally more costly however with our commitment to a green solution we will make these services as cost effective as possible and provide a competitive quote based on area.

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